A Few Snippets

While there hasn’t been a terrific amount of news in E-Cat land, from the Rossi blog there have been a few snippets of information that are worth mentioning, I think.

Rossi no longer appears to be in total charge of his invention and business activity. He had said earlier this month that he hoped to post some pictures and video, but recently explained that he was “not allowed” to post anything until the 3rd party report is published.

He also said that he now holds the position of “Chief Scientific Officer”, not CEO of Leonardo as he has previously titled himself. It’s not clear what the status of Leonardo Corporation is anymore.

He’s apparently now in Miami, Florida working through the holidays (not New Bedford, MA!). Sometimes his humor is not easily recognized.

Rossi has made a couple of comments indicating that there is a chance that the 3rd party report may not make it into a peer reviewed scientific magazine — and he said that if it doesn’t pass the peer review it will be published on Arxiv.org, an open source repository of papers in math and science hosted at Cornell University.

I check every once in a while on the number of views that the SVT program on the E-Cat is getting, and I’ve noticed there is a steady increase (3600) at last count. If anyone asks me for a summary of what the E-Cat is all about, I am now referring them to that video as an introduction to the topic. I think there are others doing the same.