'Strong and Very Well Organized' Team Behind the E-Cat

Here’s an interesting comment by Andrea Rossi, giving an assessment of the strength of his team at the moment.

Dear Italo R.:

We are a very strong team and very well organized. Obviously we have learnt from Universities with which we made (and make) R&D. Between the E-Cat as it was 3 years ago and the E-Cat as it is today there are strong differences, and this evolution comes from the work not only of Leonardo’s employees, but also of all the University Professors we worked with and all the Consultants we ask the help of for specific issues. From November 2012 we also are teaming with the new Partners of the USA, and the evolution is growing exponentially, for many reasons.
Warm Regards,

From what he says, there are a lot of people now involved, and the development of the technology seems to have benefited from the input of a number of people.

In the course of my research on this topic, and in communications with various people about it I come across pieces of information that I need to keep confidential — I will just say that I have strong reason to believe that Andrea Rossi is not inventing the information he presents in this statement. And no, I don’t know who the partner is.

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