Who's the Partner? Speculation Thread

I thought it might be a bit of fun to try and makes some educated guesses about who Andrea Rossi’s new and seemingly very important partner might be. There are not very many clues to go by, but a couple of recent comment by Andrea Rossi gives perhaps a bit more information that might help narrow down the candidate.

Rossi responded to some questions from a JONP reader in China, and at the end of his responses stated: “p.s. Our US Partner has a strong presence in China, so I think a development of our technology there is likely.”

He was also asked if the partner “has as main activity the production / distribution of energy?” Rossi answered yes.

In addition to the above, a few other things that Rossi has mentioned about the partner are:

  • It is USA based
  • It has the capability to develop E-Cat technology as much as required by market forces
  • It shares Rossi’s philosophy (Desire to put technology to the service of mankind, low-cost manufacturing, philanthropic, creation of good jobs)

As I mentioned previously, I have come across some information that makes me feel very confident that Rossi is telling the truth about the existence of a partnership.

So who do you think might fit the bill?