Rossi: Electromotive Force Produced Directly from the Hot Cat [UPDATED]

Andrea Rossi has made some very interesting revelations about what the Hot Cat is capable of doing. We have heard about the 1000 C plus temperatures that it can apparently reach with stability, and how this will be able to generate steam at sufficient temperatures to produce electricity efficiently.

Now he is saying that the Hot Cat can also produce an electromagnetic force (EMF), and not through some kind of thermoelectric process, but directly from the hot cat reactor.

Here’s an interesting Q & A that took place on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

I received your words with great enthusiasm regarding the findings of measuring direct EMF from your LENR devices.

Q: 1. Were you referring to converting heat to electricity, or were you able to detect EMF coming directly from the reactor core?
A: directly from the reactor core

Q: 2. Is the amount of EMF seen moderated or controlled by the temperatures made by the Hot Cat?
A: still under probe

Q: 3. Will you next try to increase the effect to be able to produce power/energy directly without the need to convert heat to energy?
A: yes

4 Will it ever be possible to have a “Cold Cat” make energy without heat?
A: possibly

5 Or with less heat?
A: I hope too

The fact that EMF is produced directly by the reactor is very interesting, because up until now all that we have learned about the power of the E-Cat has come from the heat it produces. Now we find out about it producing an electromagnetic field, and it seems like the magnitude of field may not be dependent on the level of heat produced. This all makes the theoretical basis of the E-Cat even more intriguing. Perhaps the gamma rays that are produced in the reaction are producing the EMF as well as being converted to heat.

Rossi recently said he expects to publish the theory this year. Here’s hoping.

UPDATE: Here’s a further exchange on the topic from the JONP:

Steven Karels
January 2nd, 2013 at 8:22 AM
Dear Andrea Rossi,

Your previous postings mentioned “direct EMF” coming from the reactor core. Could you please clarify? I have heard of possible direct conversion to electricity by coupling the energy from a charged moving particle into a “transformer”. In general, is this the approach by which you are able to extract “direct EMF”?

Dear Steven Karels:
Yes, that is exactly the path we are walking through. Too soon to give precise info, though.
Warm Regards,