Rossi: Domestic E-Cats Still Planned, Certification Problematic

I put in a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding plans for the domestic E-Cat in the light of the new partnership. I asked Rossi if the new partner was as committed to the home units as he was. His Response:

Dear Frank Acland:
Absolutely yes, provided we resolve the certification and intellectual property issues. The certification, in particular, is absolutely necessary ( I mean safety certification) and, believe me, there is no certificator in the world that will take the liability to certify a LENR device for domestic utilization. It is necessary that a history of safe and reliable industrial plants makes up a lattice of good statistics before this certification becomes possible. This is the truth, who says the contrary does not know the issue.
Happy new Year to all your Readers.

In a follow up question, another JONP readers said that his hope of ever getting the domestic E-Cat had been shattered by Rossi’s reply above, to which Rossi replied:

Nothing is shattered: we will get the certification for the domestic E-Cats after good Industrial statistics and your pre-order will be followed by our offer. The price will not change in real value.
Obviously, the certification does not depend on us, but we will do all the possible. In the meantime also the Intellectual Property issue will be resolved. That’s easier.

So there are two issues involved, apparently — safety and intellectual property. By intellectual property, I am assuming that Rossi is referring to being able to secure a patent for the process, to give him a level of protection against reverse engineering these home units. My guess is that it will take some years of having the large E-Cat working safely before enough data is available to satisfy certifiers that the device can be used in the home.