Making a Dent

Andrea Rossi has in the past talked about wanting to help bring about an energy revolution with his technology, but lately he has been sounding more circumspect in his predictions. He said recently that ” it will not be a revolution, but an evolution through series of integrations.”

I often wonder what it might take to make a dent in the way we power the world even if the E-Cat and Hot Cat work just as  Andrea Rossi projects. Yes, he now claims to have a partner who will be able to help in the mass production of his plants — but even the production of 100,000 1 MW plants, (which would probably take a number of years to put into operation) either hot or warm, is not a very significant number compared to the amount of energy produced worldwide from a variety of sources. The International Energy Agency estimated that in 2008 the world consumed 143, 000 terawatt hours of energy, with approximately 90 percent of that energy produced from fossil and nuclear sources.

So there there appears to be a huge amount of inertia to overcome before the E-Cat or any other mass produced LENR plants appear on the market. I wonder, however, what will happen  if a worldwide awakening really does take place –and people in industry and government, as well as average consumers of energy (everyone) recognize that this new technology is far superior to any source of energy we have yet seen, in terms of cost, power density and environmental friendliness. Is it possible that there might be an abandonment of inferior energy sources on an unprecedented scale?

I think it is possible, but not necessarily probable. But for that to happen, it seems to me that it would mean that there would have to be a massive expansion of production facilities for these new products, and that of course takes a lot of time and money. It would also require a great deal of flexibility, since we could see rapid development of this technology as research continues, and the products are refined.

I don’t know how it will all turn out. But I’m going to be watching with a great deal of interest to see what kind of impact this new fire will have on the world.