Report: Defkalion GT and MOSE s.r.l. Forming Joint Venture

A report on the Italian web site NextME cites a communique released by Defkalion Green Technologies announcing the formation of a joint venture between DGT and Milan-based MOSE s.r.l.

The article explains that the partnership, to be known as ‘Defkalion Europe’ will be a research and development venture which will focus on developing the Hyperion reactor. According to Defkalion’s announcement, they are able to produce a stable reaction using a plasma discharge mechanism, and can safely produce temperatures of 600 C. They say their product, unlike Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, does not need recharging every six months.

Defkalion state that they are now ready to enter the market, however they say “this process will not be immediate but will take several years , as it will allow time for the big players in the energy distribution change their assets and strategies in a non-traumatic in a synergistic way to new technology”

The above information was obtained from a Google translation of the original Italian.