Rossi: Peer Review by 'High Level' Magazine to take all of February

I recently made an inquiry of Andrea Rossi regarding the publication of the 3rd party report and today received this message in reply:

Dear Frank:
The report will be published on a very high level scientific magazine. The peer reviewing of the magazine is in course, and I have been informed it will take all the month of Feb. This communication is not confidential.
About the Piantelli patent, Stremmenos has sent a very interesting comment published on the Journal: it will arrive to you in English, I suppose.
Warmest Regards,

This would indicate that the report will not be published until after February once the peer reviewing is complete. On January 17th Rossi mentioned that “Third Party members returned this week to make more tests to clear some points that they had to repeat in the course of the peer review.”

Now we’ll have to figure out which magazine he is talking about!

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