More on the Testing, Rossi is 'Very Worried'

Andrea Rossi made a few more comments yesterday (Jan 20th) regarding the 3rd party tests and peer reviewing process that is apparently ongoing:

The Party is composed by professors of 4 international Universities, and their work is very complex. It does not depend on me, and, as I said, I do not know where it will be published and who are the peer reviewers. It is a very serious thing. I am very worried of this. I do not know the results of the report. I assume it will be published by February, but I cannot say that it is sure, as I expalined. New tests will be made in February, to confirm the results already obtained. Being an international commission ( from different and distant parts of the World) the reviewing times are not very simple to coordinate, I have been told. The news of this week, while I am in the USA, is that the results need further tests to be confirmed beyond any doubt.

Plenty of food for discussion here.

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