More Responses to Questions on E-Cat Manufacturing

Figuring that the easiest way to get information about the status of E-Cat manufacturing is to ask Andrea Rossi I asked a few more questions on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

1. Are you currently manufacturing the hot-cat reactors in the USA factories? A: also
2. Are you currently building hot cat plants in the USA factories? A: yes
3. Do the USA manufacturing facilities belong to your USA partner? A: yes
4. Have any of the prototype plants built at your Italian R&D facility been delivered to non-military customers yet? A: not yet
5. Will the first hot cat plant be installed at a facility belonging to your USA partner — or an external customer? A: External customer.

There has to be a certain amount of interpretation with Rossi’s one word answers. I am assuming that “also” as a reply to question 1 indicates that hot-cat reactors are also being manufactured outside the United States. AR’s answer to question 3 suggests that the E-Cats are being built in already established manufacturing facilities by people not directly employed by Rossi or Leonardo Corp.

I realize not everyone believes statements by Rossi, but I am working on the assumption that he is being truthful in his public statements and responses to questions.