'Mega Blog' Outlines MFMP Plans

In what Bob Greenyer characterizes as probably the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s most important blog entry to date, the MFMP team outlines a plan of action.

Some key aspects of the post:

  • An explanation that Celani’s experiment at NI Week and at ICCF-17 used a 700-layer wire as opposed to the 450-layer wire the team is currently using. They believe that this accounts for the better results Celani was getting. At the moment it is cost prohibitive to recreate the 700-layer wire.
  • An email to the MFMP from Celani outlines a new experimental procedure that he carried out which he claims clearly shows the excess heat phenomenon. The MFMP team will be following this protocol in upcoming experiments.
  • Plans for a new steel cell calorimeter which the MFMP has started building.
  • Design specifications of the cells to be used in the upcoming test.
  • A pledge to start nickel nano-powder experiments if $5000 can be raised ($1500 already received)

The full post can be found here: