Minnesota Public Radio Features Hunt Utilities Group, Cold Fusion

A radio report and news article by Tom Robertson has been posted on Minnesota Public Radio’s web site featuring the Pine River, Minn.-based Hunt Utilities Group, the organization working with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in the United States.

The piece includes interesting information about the history of the Hunt Utilities Group, and includes interviews with father and son Paul and Ryan Hunt about their current work in cold fusion — which many readers of this site are aware of. Here’s an excerpt:

When Paul Hunt first started looking into the technology two years ago, he and his son, Ryan, were skeptical.

“Both of us looked at each other here and said ‘cold fusion, I thought that was dead. I thought that was fake,'” Hunt said. “We started paying attention to it. And then we started looking at the history of it, and found out that it really is real. It’s being done in labs all over the world.”

With a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota, Ryan Hunt is head of research and development at his parent’s company.

He stands over a pair of small, transparent tubes containing ceramic structures that hold pairs of hair-thin wires. The apparatus is similar to ones he saw demonstrated by an Italian scientist at a conference in Korea last summer.

Hunt said he and his team achieved the cold fusion effect for the first time just last month.

This report comes at a nice time for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project who are expanding their research and are trying to increase awareness of their project. Public Radio in the USA has a fairly wide audience, and its possible that this report will get the attention beyond just the Minnesota audience. Below is an audio link of the report.