George Miley's LENR Project Needs Votes

Thanks to some of our ECW readers for pointing out that voting is going on at the Ultra Light Startups web site for innovative energy companies to present at this year’s ARPA-E Summit in Washington DC on February 28th.

Two companies from this list will be chosen based on voting by the general public. Among these companies is LENUCO, founded by University of Illinois professor George Miley who has been engaged in LENR research and development for many years. Miley’s project is building Distributed LENR Power units. His description of his project reads:

LENR Power Units use pressurized hydrogen –nickel nanoparticles undergoing low energy nuclear reactions to create a very high energy density heat source configured for co-generation power for home or industrial distributed power


More information about the LENUCO proposal can be found here. To vote for the project, users have to authenticate their identity by using either a LinkedIn account, or an email address (confirmation required — don’t forget to check your email after voting). Today is the last day for voting.