Report: Piantelli Claimed 200W Self-sustain for 2 Months

We recently learned about the European Patent Office granting a patent to Francesco Piantelli for his nickel-hydrogen LENR process, but news about his work is hard to come by. His company, Nichenergy, has only a placeholder web site, and Piantelli himself doesn’t seem to share much information publicly. So I was interested to read a comment on the MFMP Quantumheat web site by a commenter named Giorgio who wrote:

Yes, but since then successive Piantelli experiments demonstrated that a real and large excess heat was indeed present. Last year (Feb 2012) Piantelli told me that in one of his cell he reached self-sutaining (NO input power!) at 200W for 2months!

Certainly that’s not a verifiable statement, so it must be treated with some caution, but if true it would of course be very significant. I’m wondering if there are any readers out there who might know more about what is going on with Piantelli or Nichenergy who could shed some more light on this report.