Rossi to Josephson — Report Publication 'Probably' Around End of March

Nobel prize winning physicist Brian Josephson posted today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and asked whether the 3rd party testers might be able to provide an update, since Rossi is not able to. He wrote:

“In view of the repeated and unexplained delays, it would be comforting to those wondering what is happening if your Third Party would issue their own announcement, summarising progress or otherwise. Perhaps this view, which I am sure is shared by many others, can be passed on to them.”

Andrea Rossi responded:

“The work of the Indipendent Third Party probably will finish in March. The publication probably will be made by the end of March or close to it and it will be made whatever the results, indipendently from us. In the meantime we are completing the construction of the first non military 1 MW plant. You are in the list of the persons that will be invited to visit it. The timing of their work does not depend on me: you are among the most important scientists of the World and a Nobel Prize, so you know perfectly how can work a validation of a thing that is as complex as ours. In the meantime we are completing the construction of the first 1 MW plant for civil operation. You are in the list of the scientists that will be invited to visit it.”

Rossi always seems to be very honored by the attention of Josephson, and seems to want to be able to pacify Josephson who seems to be somewhat perplexed by the delays that many other people have mentioned. It will be good to get beyond this stage in the story, and will be nice to hear from scientists who visit a working plant. I will add here that some time ago I somewhat impudently asked if I might be able to secure an invitation to visit a working plant, and Rossi has seemed happy to assure me that I will get one. I hope to be able to make the trip whenever that occasion might arise — although I don’t know when or where it might be.