Swedish Hydrogen-Nickel Powder Experiments Produce Null Results

Here’s a link to a report about recent nickel-hydrogen experiment performed by a Swedish team of researchers. The funding for the experiments was funded by The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration with the goal of trying to reproduce reports of excess power claimed by Rossi and Focardi.

http://www.lenrnews.eu/swedish-defence/ (PDF of the report is in the article)

In the report they say that to maximize the surface area of the nickel they used powders varying in size “between a micro- and nanometres.” They say they used temperatures between room temperature and 600 degrees C, and hydrogen pressure of between and few, and 200 bars.

They mention that they started with a large reactor, but switched to a smaller but a more high-pressure tolerant reactor since according to Andrea Rossi, they may be able to get a reaction with a pressure of around 200 bars, even without any catalyzer.

The group carried out a series of experiments but throughout the testing “no gamma radiation was ever detected, more than background levels, from any of the tests”, and “no significantly powerful reactions were found during the experiments.”

The document includes pictures of the experimental setup and some, but not all data, from all experiments. They say that more data will be provided on request.

The researchers are listed as Abraham Langlet, Curt Edstrom and Jan Erik Nowacki