The Graphene Supercapacitor

Thanks, Georgehants for posting about an interesting video which discusses using graphene as a supercapacitor. Graphene is something I am hearing a lot about about these days — a material made of pure carbon in sheets only one atom thick — that is considered by many to be a miracle material that may transform the technology of the future. It has the ability to conduct electricity and heat extremely efficiently, and it is also one of the strongest materials known.

The video features the work of a team led by UCLA Chemistry professor Ric Kaner who developed an inexpensive way to create graphene superconductors using consumer electronics devices.

Here’s a short video by Dr. Jonathan Hare of the University of Sussex, providing an introduction to graphene.

It seems to me that graphene could be another one of the ingredients, along with other things that we discuss here, that will go into technologies that will help transform our world.