Rossi: Safety Certification Already Obtained for Industrial Plants.

I sent a few questions to Andrea Rossi via the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

1. What is the importance of the 3rd party tests and report to your commercial work?
2. Will the US partner be involved in commercialization of your technology outside the United States?
3. Is you US partner a public company?
4. How is obtaining safety certification progressing for your first industrial plants in Europe and the USA?
5. What is the current production status of your first low-temperature non-military plant?
6. What is the current production status of the hot cat prototype?

Dear Frank Acland:
1- they are not related
2- yes
3- confidential
4- we already got the safety certification
5- close to be completed
6- advanced, already under test
Warm Regards and a hug to all your Readers

I am really not surprised about the answer to question 3, but I thought I might ask. Having safety certification already granted is very important as it should prevent delays in installation and operation. Rossi has said that the first plant is on schedule to be installed in March. And it’s nice to get a hug.