Aldo Proia of Prometeon Responds to Inquiry

I recently sent an inquiry to Aldo Proia of Prometeon, the Italian Licensee for E-Cat products asking about the current situation with his company and specifically about Prometeon’s business model. This is his response.

Dear Frank,

I am very sorry, but I cannot provide information, especially in these months, on the business model, the American partner and so on, since most of these topics are strictly confidential.

Prometeon is now well organized, but for a technological product going from the labs to the market requires always much time, and this is more obvious for a revolutionary new product like the E-Cat. However Rossi and his coworkers did not encountered major obstacles, so work is going on well and I think that we will see the first civilian facility this year.

Also the research, partially made here in Italy, is going on in these months because there is great room for performance improvements, especially for some versions of E-Cat. So, it is not possible to predict the time required to move from the laboratory to the prototypes and then to a larger production. If you ask to an engineer, he will explain why all this is not a matter of days or weeks.

Please consider also that every serious company, in this phase, would not provide any new relevant information and that we are only distributors, so it is not our task to provide news before and/or instead of Leonardo Corp and his American partner. Of course, we will inform the public when the time is ripe.

Best regards,

Aldo Proia