MFMP Kickstarter Rewards Proposal

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Fund team at are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their goal to demonstrate the “New Fire” of LENR in an unequivocal way. As part of their preparation they have posted a blog in which they are seeking comment on some of their ideas for rewards they can offer in return for backing from donors.

It might be useful for the team if readers here can provide feedback on the rewards they are thinking about. Here’s a summary of their ideas — full details can be found here.

£5 — Pure love
£15 — DVD of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary
£20 — Bumper Sticker
£40 — 3D print of Delta Pyro mascot
£50 — BlueRay of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary + T-shirt
£75 — DVD of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary — signed by Francesco Celani
£100 — BluRay of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary — signed by Francesco Celani
£150 — Name on honors list on the quantumheat web site.
£299 — Piece of Celani wire
£499 — Visit experimental site
£599 — Name on replication cell
£4,000 — Dinner with Celani in Rome
£5,000 — Mounted replica of the New Fire MFMP version of the Celani experimental cell

They are also trying to figure out what their fundraising goal should be. Remember, with Kickstarter, you have a set number of days to reach your fundraising goal. If you don’t make your goal, you get nothing, and all pledged funds are returned. So it’s important they pick the right number.

Ideas and comments can be left here, or at the Quantumheat site. I am sure they will be appreciated.