Voting Tightens in Future Energy Competition — LENR Still Leading

As the Future Energy startup contest enters the final days of voting, there seems to be more attention being paid to the various projects listed on the site, and more projects appearing by the days. George Miley’s LENUCO LENR power units project is still in the lead with 372 votes of last count, but the gap is closing with a Renewable Energy Inc.’s printable photovoltaic panel project coming up close behind with 286 votes as of last count.

We saw in the last round of voting that things can change rapidly in the final days and hours, and no doubt each project’s backers will be campaigning to get more votes.

Here’s what’s at stake, according to the Future Energy web site:

The next Future Energy pitch event is scheduled for April 4 at MIT. At this event, eight energy/cleantech startups will present to a panel of investors for Q&A, feedback, and the chance to win some great prizes.

There are two ways to get your company chosen to pitch at Future Energy – by the Selection Committee and by crowd voting. Six companies will be chosen by the Selection Committee and two will be chosen by crowd voting on this site. The two companies with the most votes on this site will get automatic bids to present at Future Energy at MIT on April 4.

Voting closes on Friday.