MFMP Prepares for New Test With New Calorimeter

It’s good to see that the folks involved with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project are continuing to put lots of work into their open science project with the aim to conclusively demonstrate LENR. I keep my eye on their activities and was interested in their most recent test run of the 1.1 cell which showed some promising data. The cell was showing a consistent excess power production of between 3 and 5 watts over a period of many days.

I was told, however, that the team was not fully satisfied with the setup of that that test — too many variables were at play, which raised questions about the validity of the results reported. A new test run is in the works in which, as I understand it, the test cell will be placed inside a new “concentric tube calorimeter” which is designed to maintain a constant temperature environment so that the measurement of heat produced by the test cell can be measured more accurately.

A video showing the design and operation of the calorimeter is shown below.

The latest activities of the MFMP are explained in this blog post.