Rossi: Lack of Funding No Problem

It’s been over two years since Rossi and Focardi came forward with their claims about the E-Cat, and we’re still waiting for a commercial product to show up on the market. While some are eagerly or anxiously waiting for more evidence of this technology, there are some who have given up, and concluded that the whole story is a big lie, and Andrea Rossi is just in it for the money. A couple of questions have come up on the JONP about funding and Rossi’s answers are interesting.

Q. Many LENR researchers are having funding problems. Are you and your research and/or your E-Cat development program being hindered in any way because of lack of funding?

A. We never worked upon funding, our strategy has always been based upon making working plants with our own money and get the funding from the payments of the Customers. This has always been our policy, because I believe in my work.

Q. In my previous question I was referring to available money from any source. Is your research or E-Cat development hindered in any way because of the lack of money?

A. No, it is not.

If Rossi is not hurting for funds, what does that mean? My best guess is that there is a big company now backing the E-Cat who are doing so because they have seen that he has a working product.

No details of this relationship have been revealed it’s interesting to me that so far no one who has done business with Rossi to this point has stepped forward publicly and said that he has defrauded them, or done anything that is financially underhanded. This brings up the question — if Rossi is just a scammer, what’s the scam?