Thoughts on the Report

Yesterday’s posts by Andrea Rossi have certainly caught the attention of many E-Cat watchers. It’s always interesting to watch traffic patterns on the site, and over the last two or three months the average number of page views has fallen to its lowest level in the last 12 months — until today that is, when traffic has suddenly spiked — by more than double what has been the normal amount of hits recently.

I can fully understand the decline in interest. It has been over two years since the first Rossi Focardi press conference, and although in my opinion evidence presented since that time has been convincing as to the reality of the E-Cat technology, for many that evidence has been less than bullet-proof — and I understand why people take that position.

There has always been the ‘Rossi says’ factor to deal with. Some people don’t trust what he says, and have bee waiting for a qualified and impartial party to give it the thumbs up before believing that the E-Cat is really what Rossi says it is. So now that it seems we are on the cusp of an independent report, and people are sitting up and paying attention. Yes, it’s possible that Rossi could be concocting one last desperate lie to hoodwink his followers — but that would mean he is literally mad, I don’t see that as being realistic.

So we have a few weeks (or maybe more) of nail biting, clock-watching, and wondering before hopefully, we get to read the report that puts an end to all the speculation. Once that happens we enter a whole new phase which will be very different from what we have doing up until this point which has basically been a mystery solving exercise — something that I find enthralling, but it’s not for everyone.

With a validated E-Cat we start to deal with with real world issues, such as politics, money, economics, lifestyles, etc. I believe Rossi’s invention will turn out to be something that will have a widespread impact, and could affect our world in the same way as other fundamental inventions and discoveries, such as electricity, telegraphy, telephony, aviation, television, and the internet. We have been living in amazing times over the last few decades — and it seems like technological innovation will continue to accelerate and lead us to a world that at the moment is impossible to imagine.

BTW, I’m hoping the report hits before April 14th — the 2nd birthday of E-Cat World! I’d like to try and organize an online party 🙂