Your Predictions — How Will the Report be Received?

Assuming the 3rd party report is issued, and it contains the positive confirmation that Andrea Rossi has reported, it will be interesting to see what impact it might have on the world at large. Certainly it will be received with interest and perhaps with much celebration by people who have been paying attention to the story, but I am wondering how much attention a scientific report on a topic that most people are completely ignorant of will get.

I do have one concern about his report. If it is published by a traditional scientific journal it is possible — even likely — that it won’t be made available in full for free. Many journal publishers charge users over $30 per article, and if you purchase it you do not have permission to put it up on the web. This might prevent news about it spreading very rapidly. I expect in this day and age there will be places where the report will be made available, but I wouldn’t be able to post it on this site without permission.

So how do you think it will be received — will it be hailed by experts as a seminal moment in the history of science? Will it be trashed by sceptics? Will it be covered in the mainstream news media, and thus be ignored by most people? Will it take a long time for the significance of the discovery to disseminate? Will financial markets react in any way to the report, and thus bring attention to the news?

If you have any prognostications to share, let us know.