MFMP Reveals Fundraising Strategy

In a recent blog post over at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team set forth their strategy for raising funds to enable them to achieve short and long term goals in their quest to provide incontrovertible evidence that LENR is indeed a New Fire that needs to be lit for the benefit of humanity.

They have a base goal of raising + which would go towards completing their experiments with Celani wire. They have recently built version 1.3 of their Celani cells about which they say:

“We are seeing something really interesting and potentially amazing on an energy density basis with the Celani wire – we hope that the next tranche of tests will settle the debate we have encouraged and we will have a great tool for further investigation around the world”.

Beyond the base goal they have “stretch goals” of higher amounts. £150,000+ would allow them to distribute 3 Celani cells for replication around the world; £350,000+ would expand that distribution to 10 experiments worldwide; £1.3 million+ would allow them to purchase a 1 MW E-Cat plant from Andrea Rossi, and put it to use as a demonstration model that could be put on display for the world to see.

As many people have been saying, working LENR machines will be more convincing than scientific reports, and I think the efforts of the MFMP are terrific. I am particularly interested in the idea of purchasing an E-Cat that could be put on display for people to visit, inspect and test. A showcase plant open to the public that is not hidden away in some factory could do a great deal in demonstrating the value of this technology to the world.

There’s a lot of work ahead before this could happen, of course. The fundraising goals are ambitious, and even the base goal is high. My understanding is that before long the MFMP team will be launching a Kickstarter campaign, and then we well get an idea of how much financial support is out there for their goals.