Wired Covers MFMP, Rossi

David Hambling, a science columnist for Wired.co.uk has written an article covering recent developments in the cold fusion field — most of which we have been covering here.  Hambling has interviewed Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and gives generous coverage of the MFMP’s activities and goals,  and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign which has been discussed at length here. The Wired article should help with visibility for that.

The article also discusses Andrea Rossi’s announcement of the upcoming 3rd party report, emphasizing the recent closure of Ecatnews.com and the haitus in e-cat coverage taken by Daniele Passerini’s site. Hambling says that we could be hearing a lot more about Andrea Rossi in the mainstream media if a positive report is published, but if it is not, ” it is hard to see that anyone other than the most die-hard believers will continue to cling to Rossi in the absence of independently-verified evidence.”

Hambling seems to be impressed with the open science approach of the MFMP, and contrasts it with Rossi’s secretive approach, which, he says while it “might make him a billionaire (assuming he has what he says), it makes him vulnerable to negative reports.”

It’s nice to see some more cold fusion coverage from Wired — one of the only mainstream sites to have covered the cold fusion story over the last few years. Let’s hope there is more for them, and other media outlets to discuss in the upcoming weeks and months.