New Exothermic Fusion Patent Filed

A new patent application has been published for which describes an “Exothermic Fusion” process to create heat through fusion reaction has been published by the US Patent Office.

The description of the patent reads:

This invention relates to the discovery that hydride ions contained in finely divided magnesium hydride prepared under dry inert conditions are activated by heating in the presence of certain finely divided nickel or copper nuclei causing fusion into unstable products. Said products subsequently disintegrate into stable species with all gamma rays absorbed by the presence of inert forms of boron present in the reaction mixture.

According to the application, if the above formula is placed in a sealed container and heated to 200 C, a self-sustained exothermic reaction is created.

The applicant for the patent is Archie Lou Tengzelius who is also listed as the inventor; I haven’t been able to find any other definite reference to this person on the web.

Here’s a link to the patent: