Rossi on Going Public

A recent question by a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics brought up the question to Andrea Rossi about whether in was possible to buy shares in Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. Rossi answered:

No, I think that our enterprise is still very risky, and, as I always said, I want not to play foot ball with the bones of the others. We sign contracts only with expert persons and corporations, perfectly aware of the fact that they are joining a warship, not a cruise ship. When we will be at a stage in which investments on us from unexpert persons will be safe, we will go public, respecting all the ethical, deontological and National laws.

Rossi has given similar answers in the past. I find thee phrase ‘playing football with the bones of others’ a bit strange — I take it to mean that he doesn’t want to benefit from investors when they could lose money in a risky venture.

This Q & A raised a question with me about the status of Leonardo Corporation. From what Rossi had said about his partnership with the mystery USA company, I had wondered whether Leonardo even existed any more — so I asked him about it, and this was his response:

Leonardo Corporation is still an indipendent company, even after the strategic contract made with our USA Partner.

I will be very interested to find out what kind of arrangement the two companies have made.

We don’t know if the partner is a public or private company, if it’s public it will possible to invest in E-cat technology via the partner. Otherwise, it looks like from what Rossi says that people will have to wait until the domestic E-cats are on the market before being able to invest in Leonardo.