LENRConnect Saturday Chat Day

Some readers here are aware of the LENRConnect site that I set up last year that I hoped might be a kind of social network for people interested in getting involved with LENR. It’s been a pretty quiet place so far, probably because of the many uncertainties surrounding the topic, and the waiting mode we have been for so long. I’ve noticed a bit more activity there lately, however, and I’d like to start an informal meeting there just to see what happens.

I’m going to designate this coming Saturday(April 13th) as an LENR chat day. There’s a main chat room on the site, as well as private chat capability. If you want to drop in and chat with other members there, stop by any time during the day and say hello. We have members from many time zones so I thought it best that the whole of Saturday should be designated as a meeting time.

It can be very informal, but it might be a good way for people to meet and make useful connections.

The overall purpose of the site is to let people who have an interest in LENR to have a space to learn, share and collaborate. There is a forum on the site, you can create profiles, make friends, create groups, upload pictures and videos, chat, etc. I am hoping it will be a useful space for people interested in LENR.

To access the site you will need to first register at http://www.lenrconnect.com (It’s free)

I’ll be around for at least part of the day tomorrow, and I hope to be able to meet some of you folks tomorrow!