E-Cat Testing in Sweden?

An article on the Swedish site Osunt (means ‘unsound’), a blog that follows environmental and political topics, an article has been published about the E-Cat which reports on a rumor that there has been testing going on at the Svedberg Laboratory at Upplsala University in Sweden. The article states (Google + human translation)

What then is this new rumor? It may be a result of a whispering game, but the source of the rumor has stated that it came from the horse’s mouth. As one of few institutions to have had access to an e-cat, the Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala has examined it, tested it long-term (+100 h) and preliminarily determined that surprisingly, there was an energy surplus. Preliminarily because the energy could only be measured in the form of radiation, not calorimetrically (eg submerged in water), which would had given an accurate result, but it is still a strong indication.

Svedberg Laboratory houses researcher Hidetsugu Ikegami, Sven Kullander and Roland Pettersson, who appeared in this context before.

I’ve heard rumors previously about 3rd party testing in Sweden, and Rossi did mention that they had done a 120 hour test just recently — not sure if the two reports are connected, however. No mention who ‘the horses’ mouth might be, but it implies someone involved with the testing.

With news so scarce, there’s not a whole lot to go on except snippets of reports here and there — I guess that is what a rumor is. Nothing to hang one’s hat on, but something to think about, at least.