Priorities for the E-Cat

Here’s an interesting post from Andrea Rossi in response to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about what his top priority will be after the delivery of his first unit on April 30th.

Commercial priority: we are developing with our USA Partner a robotized line for the reactors even for the industrial plants. We will have also to continue to manufacture plants for heat production. Technological priority is electric power production.

It’s been a while since we heard about the ‘robotized line’ from Rossi – he mentioned it quite a lot when he was talking about the production of domestic units, until that idea was put on ice (certification issues, according to Rossi). But I would expect that the technology needed to build the reactors in the industrial units will be the same as for the domestic ones, and so the work done to date on robotization would likely not have been wasted. For the E-Cat to have the impact on the world as I think Rossi intends, mass production is going to be essential, and robotization, if done well, should help with that.

I have to say that if Andrea Rossi can not only invent a revolutionary product, but also bring it all the way to mass production – it will be something truly remarkable. It is one thing to make a breakthrough in a laboratory setting; but quite another to take it from that point all the way into the marketplace. Of course we are not there yet – but from what I see, the signs still look good.