HydroFusion Working on Deploying Showcase E-Cat Plant in Sweden

Andrea Rossi mentioned yesterday on the JONP that Hydro Fusion Ltd., Leonardo Corp.’s licensee for Northern Europe, is “working hard” to install a 1 MW E-Cat plant somewhere in the Stockholm, Sweden area. From the following statement on their web site it appears that Hydro Fusion is looking for a suitable customer:

Hydro Fusion Ltd is currently looking for Pilot Customers for the ECAT 1 MW in Sweden and United Kingdom. The initial application will be heating and the Pilot installations will be used to Showcase the ECAT 1 MW. Should you find your business suitable for such a Pilot Installation please contact Hydro Fusion.

I have thought for a long time that it would be very beneficial for the E-Cat cause that someone would install a showcase plant that could serve as working proof of this technology. If members of the public could visit an E-Cat plant in action, and a willing customer could testify that it works as advertised, there would be little room for doubt that the technology works.

Interestingly, Hydro Fusion still has on its web site the press release of September 9, 2012, stating that it cannot vouch for the operations of the Hot Cat after some testing took place. Rossi at the time said that there was some problem with measurement instruments, but I’m still not sure exactly what that statement was all about. Apparently the dispute was not enough to sever relations between Hydro Fusion and Leonardo.

I know we have a number of Swedish readers here, so I hope that next Winter there will be an E-Cat in action in their country and some of them may be visit and see it working.