What is Passerini Saying?

Daniele Passerini has posted a very enigmatic post on his 22passi.blogspot.com site which is titled “To all LENR / Cold Fusion Researchers” which goes on to give what seems to be in code, using political parties to represent chemicals:

“In Italy it is known that Communion and Liberation ( CL ) and the Democratic Party ( PD ) give poor results together (the usual ” cattocomunisti “!) … keep that in mind and use the format PDF – I repeat PDFFFF”

Unusually for Passerini this post is in English. It’s possible that he is just having a bit of fun, but people following cold fusion / E-Cat news do pay attention to Passerini because he has contacts in the field, and is close to people, like Giuseppe Levi, who has done work on the E-Cat — and who may have been involved in the 3rd party testing, or have knowledge about the testing.

Anyway, I don’t know what to make of this. It may be joke of some kind, but I thought I would throw this out to the ECW readership to see if anyone is up to tackling this mysterious message!