Swedish Energy R&D Organization Elforsk Fund Study of E-Cat [Updated]

Elsforsk, an energy R&D organization established by utilities and manufacturers in Sweden has published a report in which includes details of a research program devoted to the study of E-Cat technology with a view to considering its use in Swedish energy production.

Financials on page 53 of the report shows that in 2012, 200,000 Swedish Krona (about 23,000 Euros) was budgeted for the study, and in each of the next three years 2,000,000 Krona is budgeted for the study.

The following excerpt is an English translation of page 51 in the report which describes the research program:

Energy catalyst – (Rossi, E-cat) – in-depth review Goals:

Ever since Fleichman and Pons claimed fusion in palladium in 1989 cold fusion has been controversial. Several groups have since been able to view heat production in various experiments which can be indicative of fusion. The inventor of energy catalyst, “E-Cat”, is the engineer Andrea Rossi. The new invention is that it produces enough heat for practical purposes, by a so far unexplained process. Demonstrations have been shown at various units with power 10 kW. Heat output is many times greater than what can be achieved with conventional combustion reactions. The known components include nickel in powder and hydrogen. The goal of Elforsk’s project is to:

    • Support scientifically conducted studies that analyze whether energy catalyst E-Cat gives off the heating effect as stated in various demonstrations
    • Support the attempt to determine the process that can cause heat generation and how the variation of different parameters can influence and analyse possible risks or other adverse effects
    • Analyze the importance of the process (if it works) for future electricity and heat production.

Measurements of the thermal power/heat production is carried out and if the results are “notable” begin analysis of underlying processes. Based on the results of these works – if there is reason to go on — in co-operation with various energy experts studies of future concepts for the production of electricity and heat as well as analyses of the impact of energy catalyst can have on the future energy production.

We know that Andrea Rossi has some good and supportive connections in Sweden. Vatenfall, the largest Swedish utility, is one of the founders of the Elforsk organization, and have already stated publicly that they are already studying the E-Cat. Whether this research activity has any connection with the expected 3rd party report remains to be seen, but it seems that Sweden may be a pioneering country in the use of E-Cat technology. In a comment on the JONP recently, Andrea Rossi said, “in Europe our strategy in the short term is a development mainly in Sweden, where we are putting strong bases.”


Another comment by Andrea Rossi today on the Swedish connection:

“In Sweden with our partners of Hydrofusion we are organizing a local production of plants to sell heat to centralized distributors of thermal energy. The particular economic and metheorologic conditions of Sweden makes this Nation particularly fit for our technology.”


Rossi talks about third party testing taking place in Ferrara, Italy:

“Thank you for your omage to Ferrara: it is a jewel town, dense of History and Art, home of an important University, where we have chosen to put our R&D Center, and where have been made series of tests, among which the Third Party Indipendent test that probably will pass to the History, whatever its content, because it has been the first third party indipendent test run for 120 straight hours.”

Note that here Rossi mentions the first independent 120 hour test being in Ferrara — he has said recently (I believe) that there was a subsequent 120 hour test carried out which may have been in some other location.


In response to a question about this Elforsk study Rossi said today:

Thank you for your interesting question-information. We do not have contacts with this Laboratory and consequently I have not information about their work, nor I am making any work with them. In any case, I am honoured to read that there are Laboratories that are studying our work.