Notice from Francesco Celani on Hydrocarbons in LENR

This notice from Francesco Celani was published today on and he wants it widely distributed.

Dear Colleagues,

as anticipated, we have found significant Increase of anomalous heat When We ADDED small amounts (1-2cc) of liquid hydrocarbons to our cell, under partial vacuum conditions. Hystorically in gas system, (since 2010), apart H 2 O and D 2 O (obviously NOT hydrocarbon), we tested:

a) C 2 H 5 OH
b) C 2 H 5 OD
c) Methanol

Since January, 2013, Following The kind suggestions of the Italian Company That previously (2011-2012) made ​​systematic work (very long, expensive and tedious) on Constantan preparation, suggested to test the Acetone ( CH 3 -C = O-CH 3 ).

The Company, metallurgical, is located in the North-East of Italy. Several Researchers are interested on LENR phenomenologies and they have their own laboratory. Just to-day they give me permission to share longer available information, for the mankind progress in the field of Science and Technology. OPEN ACCESS, OPEN SOURCE approach, like the “Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project”. The results look enough “robust”. Ubaldo Mastromatteo

Also, at STMicroelecronics (near Milan-Italy), tested the Addition of Acetone, in an apparatus of our different (calorimetric). He got about measurable improvements Anomalous Heat Generation.


Tanks for Your kind attention.