Speed of E-Cat Proliferation

Here’s a comment by Andrea Rossi when asked how long it would take to build a hypothetical 1GW electric plant. The questioner calculates that it would take 213,000 Hot Cat 10kW units to build such a plant.

This question needs a study that cannot be made in minutes. We will face this problem when and if we will foresee that such a problem is in the horizon. In any case, the robotized line we already have designed is able to make half million modules per year, and to double this capacity is not a big problem; besides, much work can be outsourced, and we have already organized a network of manufacturers we can outsource our production to ( for the non confidential parts).

A rough estimation that I have read is that it takes 15 Terrawatts of generating power to meet the world’s current energy needs, so if my calculations are correct, to meet that need you would need to build 1500 1GW plants to do that — which would require 320 million 10 kW hot cat modules. (Since Rossi has said that the new hot cat plants use 1KW modules now, that number may need to be increased to 3.2 billion)

I may be way off here in my math, but the way I look at it, there would be a tremendous amount of work required to have the E-Cat proliferate to a point where it would become a dominant source of energy, but if the technology really is far superior to anything else that is available, market forces will most likely ensure that the production capacity will be met, and possibly at great speed.

Please correct my math if I am wrong here!