Preliminary MFMP Tests With New Cells Show Positive Results

A new blog post the Martin Fleischmann Memporial Project’s web site describes a new cell the team has started testing. The purpose of the new cell design with both a stainless steel tube and glass envelope surrounding the Celani wire is to capture almost all the heat coming from the cell in order to get as accurate temperature readings as possible.

new MFMP CellIn our preliminary experiment, after successfully loading the Celani wires with Hydrogen, we have been applying 84.8 Watts input power in the passive cell and 80.0 Watts in the active cell to maintain very similar water temperatures (± 0.1 °C) in the same large volume of water.

This early test suggests that it takes 6% more power to maintain the same volume of water at the same temperature in the control cell when compared to the active cell. This is also the first experiment where we have two lengths of Celani wire ( one 14L one 16L and around 550mg of wire) in the same active cell.

When applying 80 Watts in both cells, we could measure about 1.5°C temperature difference in favor of the active cell.

Live data streams of new experiments will soon be put online.