New Live Test at MFMP

There is live data now being produced from the latest active cell being tested by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team. The cell is being operated at lower power levels than previously, as the chart below shows. Currently the input power is 3 W, and there is a consistent output reading of around 3.6 W. This would indicate an energy gain of around 20 per cent.

Hugnet data Air Jacket Test

I spoke with Bob Greenyer yesterday and he emphasized that they team is now working hard to disprove this data. They are certainly not celebrating, but I thought it was interesting work, and worth posting here.

To check out the data yourselves, go to and choose the CTC: Air Jacket Test data (at the bottom of the page)

The most recent blog post about this latest test setup can be found here. The post states that “this refers to the Concentric Tube Calorimeter, and the first version that is air jacketed, instead of the coming versions that are water jacketed.” They also state that in the future they will be testing systems using acetone, which Celani says enhances the reaction.

On the Quantum Heat blog this not has been added:

UPDATE 1: We found an instrumentation configuration bug that accounted for that excess heat signal. We’ll keep trying, though.