Hopes High, Expectations Low

As often seems to be the case in the E-Cat story, after an announcement of something that is supposed to happen on a certain date there are more questions than answers. I have learned that it is smart to keep ones expectations low in times like this, as things do not always turn out the way one would hope.

Still, my conviction regarding the reality of E-Cat technology remains optimistic. I’ve personally been convinced of this for a long time, and although I would certainly like to see as much information about it as possible made public, since I haven’t learned anything yet that contradicts my conviction I’ll wait for as long as it takes — there’s not much choice, really.

Someone mentioned on a previous thread the report from last year that was published regarding the Hot Cat. To me, that provides solid evidence for the reality of the Hot-Cat technology. It was an early design, and the COP was not spectacular (it didn’t run in self-sustain mode), but it was signed off by a qualified professional. From various things that I have learned there are serious people, more qualified than me in technological matters, who are also convinced of E-Cat technology, and I think that Andrea Rossi has done very important work and is someone to be taken seriously.

I certainly understand people’s frustration and impatience regarding this whole affair. I, too have a hard time being patient because I think we are dealing with an extremely important technological advancement here, and I would like to see it put to use in the world to start dealing with many energy-related problems we face. But, I understand we are dealing with the reality of technological development, and business development, both of which take time.

So here we sit. E-Cat World is going to continue to follow the twists and turns of the LENR story. At this point, Andrea Rossi seems to me to be ahead of the pack, but I don’t doubt that he could face strong competition as time goes on. It’s all fascinating to me, and I appreciate the company here on E-Cat World. Who knows, we could wake up to a pleasant surprise one of these days!