New Poll: Your View on Hot Cat Photo

I’m not surprised to read the variety of opinions here and elsewhere regarding the now famous glowing ‘Hot Cat’ that was released by Daniele Passerini. I just put up a new poll to try and gauge current sentiment about the picture.

When it comes down to it, I think one’s reaction to it is going to be based on one’s overall opinion of the E-Cat. I don’t think that many people’s minds have been changed by this picture alone. As I’m sure many people know here, I have been convinced about the reality of the E-Cat technology for a long time now, and so my personal reaction to the picture was one of being very impressed that a LENR reaction could produce such heat.

Some people have said that it’s possible that this heating effect could have been done with the wires that can be seen, or through some unseen wiring in the frame. Others have said that the picture is faked, citing lack of air distortion due to heat — or that the tube could have a light bulb inside.

I realize that many people have different opinions regarding this technology, and this picture is just one piece of evidence in a much larger picture. It will be interesting, as always, to see what readers here think. I have learned that the majority of readers here don’t comment, but many who don’t comment click on the polls.

Hot Cat Closeup

By way of comparison here’s the picture of the hot cat leaked last year by ‘Cures’ from the Cobraf forum.

Hot Cat 2