Andrea Rossi to be Interviewed on Smart Scarecrow Show

Today, May 7th 2013, Andrea Rossi will be a guest on the Smart Scarecrow Show and will be interviewed by the host, Gary Hendershot, Sterling Allan of PESN, and myself (Frank Acland).

You will be able to see the live broadcast, which begins at 4:30 p.m. at the following sites.  (also provides access to active chat room)  (live video feed only)  (active chat room only)

Once the recording is uploaded and processed it will be available for on demand viewing at

I have compiled a list of questions taken from suggestions of readers here at ECW, and will be putting some of them to Andrea Rossi. During the interview I will be monitoring the chat on LENRConnect — if you have any suggestions you would like to shoot me in real time as the interview goes on, please do so in the main chat room there.

Thanks for all the good ideas for questions — I hope we are able to cover most of them.