Recording of Rossi Smart Scarecrow Interview

Here is a recording of today’s interview that Sterling Allan and I conducted with Andrea Rossi on the Smart Scarecrow show. I enjoyed the experience, and as usual found Rossi to be a gracious interviewee despite the number of questions he was not able to answer. This wasn’t terribly surprising to me given statements he has made about a number of items that he considers confidential. Nevertheless I think there was interesting material covered in the interview. He cleared up the fact that his team has made two 1 MW E-Cat plants so far — one went to the military customer, and the other was just shipped the the United States where it will be put to use by his as-yet unidentified partner (first non-military customer) who Rossi says will use it to sell heat to customers.

There was discussion about the recent hot cat picture (a unit that was left in runaway self sustain mode), the new ‘cat and mouse’ hot cat design, the robotized production line which Rossi says is in advanced stages of development, his research team, and other items.