Enter the Tiger

Andrea Rossi has coined a new name for another reactor in the pantheon of E-Cats. Yesterday when asked by a reader on the JONP about the possibility of using larger e-cats, Rossi commented:

Yes, we are working also on it, even if it is not easy: a “cat” that weights 200 kg changes name into “tiger”.

He then elaborated on in a different comment:

We are testing low temperature tigers, for now, of 100 kW. All our reactors now have activator and E-Cat, allowing us an activator with a COP more than 1 and E-Cat with COP in the hundreds.

It looks now like the cat and mouse setup is going to be used in all reactors and it appears that this configuration will allow the overall COP of all E-Cats to be higher than 6 — although it’s not possible from what we have been told to know what that COP number would be. Rossi said in this week’s interview that the COP of the ‘mouse’ in the new Hot Cat reactors is 1.1, so combining that with an e-cat with a COP in the ‘hundreds’ might give you a combined COP of perhaps between 10 and 50 — I don’t know.

I can’t think of any domestic application that would require a Tiger-sized reactor of 100 kW+ — so this would be something to be used in industrial settings. For now, the emphasis is away from domestic units, although Rossi insists they are not off the table, but certification is holding them up. It seems that having one, rather than hundreds of reactors in one power plant would simplify things, and it indicates that the team is confident that they will be able have good control of these reactors at higher power levels.