Pravda Covers Rossi

Pravda, the newspaper that was once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Union, and now a publication of the Russian Communist party, covers E-Cat technology and Andrea Rossi in an interview with Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov. Bazhutov has himself done research in the LENR field, and in the interview talks about trying to get investment for a research project in the days of Gorbachev, which ultimately failed when the Soviet Union collapsed. He has since continued LENR research and mentions presenting a paper at the ICCF-17 conference in Korea.

In the interview Bazhutov is very positive about the prospects for E-Cat technology, but tends to focus on the home e-cat which as we have been learning is not likely to be on the market for some time. He doesn’t appear to be very up-to-date on the latest developments in the story.

So not very much news in this article, but Pravda, while not the publication it once was, still has a circulation of 100,000 newspapers, plus its online presence and may catch the attention of some of its readers.