Rossi: A COP of Not Quite Infinity

There’s been a lot of discussion of what might be the COP of the new ‘cat and mouse’, or ‘rat and tiger’ E-Cat designs. Andrea Rossi has today made quite a provocative comment on the topic in which he give a calculation of the COP of the new configuration:

Dear Ron Stringer:
The Activator pays for itself, having a COP around 1.02, so its consumption of energy has not to be accounted for in the balance of the E-Cat, because it produces enough heat to pay for its own consumption with a 100% efficiency. The COP of the E-Cat is therefore net of the Activator’s consumpton. The COP of the E-Cat, as a matter of fact, has a zero at the denominator, but we rate it between 100 and 200 considering some parasitic consumption of energy, also bacause “infinity” makes no sense in Physics.
Warm Regards,

This all sounds very positive, and in some ways almost incredible that such a thing could be possible. However when it comes to the E-Cat I’m learning not to be too suprised to hear about better things coming along. Now if only they can get rid of that pesky ‘parasitic’ energy consumption!