Updates Website (New Hot Cat Info and Pictures)

This may not be the most incredible news out there, but it may have some significance in terms of what it could mean. is an ‘official’ e-cat site, because it is run by the Swedish Hydro Fusion company, who are licensees for E-Cat products in northern Europe. Today they updated their web site and made this announcement: has migrated over to a new and robust server in order to meet future demands. New visual design, updated content and integrated with social media platforms. We hope you’ll like it!

A few days ago the company posted some tweets on their Twitter account saying such things as, “We know what’s coming…can you feel the excitement? It’s close now…” — which could be references to the 3rd party report.

Now they update their site and server in preparation for ‘future demands’. I wish they would say what they are anticipating.


Thanks to those who have found new pictures of what is described as the ‘hot cat prototype’ which on this page is described as such:


  • ECAT Solid Fuel including Leonardo corp. proprierty Hydrogen Tablets
  • Drive; Electricity and/or Natural Gas


  • Under development (2-10 showed in various tests


  • Operational Temperature Range:
  • 350 – 1050 °C


hot cat  1

hot cat 2