MFMP Presents Experiment Overview

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has put together a slide show that outlines all the experiments the team has done so far, those currently under way, and those yet to be done. They’ve only been working on LENR for about nine months and they have done so many experiments it can be a bit hard keeping up with all the different projects they have been working on at their Pine River, Minnesota laboratory. This presentation provides a nice way to differentiate between them.

The slide show can be seen here.

Interestingly, on the last slide they state:

Idea Scenario: diversify from Celani
Goal: Facilitate compelling LENR experiments to foster research investment around the world
It would be IDEAL if one of the companies claiming consistent success would share their know-how or license their technology to develop replicable experiments/demonstrations from.

  • Brillouin
  • Defkalion GT
  • Rossi (Leonardo Corp.)

When they talk about diversifying from Celani, they are referring to the fact that most of their work to date has been on specially processed wire that has been prepared by Francesco Celani’s team, and which is proprietary — meaning the MFMP folks do know how it is processed. The MFMP team is modeling the ‘open science’ approach, where all important data and information is shared openly with observers — and it is quite a different way of doing things than is normal in the traditional commercial realm where Rossi and others operate. As time goes on it will be interesting to see if some of the more closed operators open up a little and share some of their secrets.

Slide 12 shows the nickel powder test cell that the team is about to start working on ‘ASAP’ — something new for them, and interesting to a lot of observers here.