Wired UK Covers E-Cat, Cold Fusion [Update: Forbes Profiles Testers]

David Hambling has written an article for Wired.co.uk titled “Cold Fusion gets red hot and aims for EU” in which he discusses the recent 3rd party E-Cat test and other developments in the LENR field. Hambling has written about Rossi and the E-Cat before, but like many journalists he has not covered the topic while waiting for important events to transpire. Today he writes,

“Rossi has continued to make extravagant but unverifiable claims, promising that independent tests would be published at some point. Something astonishing has now happened: a third-party report has been published supporting Rossi’s claims.”

The article is an accurate and balanced approach to the story, and he acknowledges the debate surrounding the topic and provides quotes from Paul Story of eCatnews, myself (Frank Acland), and Steven B. Krivit.

Hambling also brings attention to the upcoming meeting at the EU Parliament on June 3 on the Pons/Fleischmann effect which he says will be attended by Herbert von Bose, director of the EU’s Industrial Technologies Programme. The article concludes on a familiar strain that many observers in the media these days seem to echo:

There are many questions still be to be answered. But the new report might just provide the kick needed to get those answers. Will EU taxpayers support a project to establish once and for all whether this is a gigantic con, or the biggest new technology of the century?


A new article by Mark Gibbs has been published at Forbes.com in which he looks at the professional qualifications of the academics involved in the 3rd party testing of the E-Cat. He wrote it in response to criticisms of the testers in terms of their qualifications and independence. Gibbs has compiled a list of the testers including their professional positions and links to their publications and concludes:

I find it hard to believe that Rossi could, somehow co-opt this diverse group into knowingly participating in a scam. This means that if the whole E-Cat thing is a fraud, the recent tests would have to have been engineered to hoodwink them. We’ll look into those theories in the next posting.