Physics Today on Media Reaction to the 3rd Party Test

An article in Physics Today written by Steven T. Corneliussen, media analyst for the National Institute of Physics looks at the media response to the publication of the 3rd party E-Cat test and singles out as the only major media source showing a positive response. He mentions it is much easier to find criticism of the report, citing articles in MetroNews Canada, the Register, Popular Science, and New Energy Times as examples.

I find this all very interesting and sadly quite predictable. As we have discussed here many times, LENR is not going to spark the imagination of the public unless there is positive reporting of it in the media. I think most people don’t take things seriously unless people and institutions they trust tell them something is true — and this includes many writers for media sources. If the overall response among people with influence in the media is that the report is unfounded, then then many people will accept that and move on without investigating too much further.

I don’t think there is a middle ground with this report. If you are going to take a stand on the report you have two choices: The E-cat is either a powerful new source of energy, or the test was a complete fraud. I find no reason to suspect that fraud was involved, therefore my stance is that a new and highly important form of energy has been discovered, and this deserves attention for obvious reasons. This is the purpose of this site.

I have added a new page to E-Cat World to try and provide concise information about the 3rd party report for people who may be new to the topic. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it or corrections please let me know (comments are closed on the new page).